I think it is such a miracle that the mind stores information, moments in our lives and people who have left footprints in our hearts. Memories not only can teach us life lessons, but are essential to our growth. They make us smile and make us happy as we recall our own experiences in life. With Halloween upon us, I happily remember my own childhood during this magical time! I also remember that it was the gateway to Thanksgiving and Christmas which was to follow and made my brother and I so excited!  As I look back on my own children and their Halloween fun, costumes, and parties I am also looking forward to my grandchildren and to the fun and anticipation they have for this exciting time of the year! I am grateful for my memories…they keep me warm and keep me grateful. In closing today, I am leaving you a quote from Oscar Wilde, “Memory is the diary that we all carry about with us.” May we keep it close.

Have a wonderful Halloween!