For many years, it has been a tradition in my family to watch this beloved classic on Thanksgiving night.  In our pajamas, wrapped in cozy blankets, we watch the magic unfold in the  Miracle on 34th Street.  As a viewer, one becomes involved in the hope and the magic that surrounds a little girl’s dreams and her belief in Santa Claus, at Christmas time.  As we, ourselves, experience life we come to know it is sprinkled with many magical and hopeful moments.  Some, we are too close to see, or they are hidden in the most unlikely places.  Personally, I believe it is important to view the world with hopeful eyes and believe in the magic that will come, or we may never see it at all.  This Christmas, let’s find the miracles and the  magic in every day, and even help others to find it in their own lives, as well.  These will be, for each one of us, the real gifts of the season.