Over the weekend I took an early morning walk around the charming island I am grateful to call home. The sun was just coming up, the seagulls were loudly announcing their arrival over the bay, the water was glassy and the color of the boats was more vibrant than usual. I wondered if my awareness at an earlier hour was just being heightened. When I ran home to get my camera I was praying I would not lose what I had captured in my mind and in my heart in those few moments. When I returned just a few minutes later it may have been a little bit brighter in the sky but the feeling was the same. Unless it is cloudy or raining, morning light is softer and more welcoming, leading, guiding and comforting. The picture I captured will be a reminder to me to slow down and feel the welcome and the beauty in each new day and perhaps be in tune to where the day is guiding me.

Have a beautiful week!