As I am writing, it is Mother’s Day!  I am wishing every Mom a very special day and one that is reflective of  all you hold so precious.  My thoughts come easily as I think of the memories of my own mother…..her tenderness, the soothing comfort of her voice, her warm embrace when I ran into her arms as a little girl, knowing she thought about me all day long when I was at school, and the gentle way she dried my tears and always listened. Whether it was good or bad news, she was always the first one I wanted to call!  At every milestone in my life she was there with her never ending love and faith in me.  And as the years passed and her grandchildren were born, I watched that same sweet love embrace them  and it was such a joy to behold.  There is a certain time when you see your Mom getting older.  You want to stop the clock and have more time, and then hope you can make the end of her life as beautiful, gentle and loving as she always made yours.  And,  as the time draws near to say your earthly goodbye, with her last breath, she has left you her legacy of what it means to be an extraordinary angel mother.  I miss you so much Mom.