My grandmother was not completely dressed for the day without her apron! One of my fondest memories when I visited my grandparents as a child and in later years, was seeing my grandmother’s many aprons drying in the warm summer breeze in the backyard of their midwestern home. Wearing an apron each day meant so much more than just covering the dress she was wearing. It was what she did everyday and was a part of who she was. It became a place to carry the tomatoes from the garden, eggs from the chicken coop and potatoes from the cellar. When taking a roast from the oven she grasped the edges of her apron to lift it to the table for dinner. The same was true when taking a pie or a cake from the oven. When she was making a pie, I watched her as she gently dusted the flour off of her hands onto her apron. When it was time for grace at dinner I watched as her hands clasped in her lap on top of her apron, the sweet article of clothing that was always steadfast. Sometimes, when they would have last minute guests, she would use the bottom of the apron to dust any places that needed a quick shine! At the end of the day she deposited it into the hamper as if saying good bye to a trusted friend. It was fun for me on my many trips to visit my wonderful grandparents to see this apron in action!  Even though I wasn’t  born when she and my grandfather received a telegram that their only son had been killed in WWII, I feel sure that one of her beloved aprons caught her heartbroken tears for a very long time. I am grateful for this period in time, for all that I remember and for all that I hold forever close in my heart and in my memories.

Wishing you a beautiful week!