Growing up in Southern California and loving the beach all of my life, I have come to know and respect it for more than just it’s beauty. The powerful waves that pound the shore keep me humble, the mist from the ocean invigorates me, the warm sun comforts and penetrates my soul, and the soft sand is the blanket underneath me, as I write. My quest for writing began many years ago on the beach, and it continues to be my greatest source of inspiration and my anchor. I am gently reminded as I stand at the edge of the ocean after some hours of writing and pondering, that life will continue to change and challenge us to grow every day. I have learned that one can find peace with the challenges we may face, joy in the blessings given to us and with great patience, the answers to our questions will ever so gently come. The greatest questions of my own heart have been asked and prayed for at the ocean’s edge and the answers have always been delivered in God’s perfect timing.