Just a few weeks ago at Christmas time, I set out to experience a miracle, never knowing one would take place in my own family. Now, as time has helped to soothe, I reflect with an abundance of gratitude for all of the answered prayers on behalf of my brother, following a serious injury. I know that the power of  love and our faith is the greatest healing balm in getting us through adversities in life.  My brother is a real “gentle giant” to me, and watching him draw inner strength from the deepest part of himself, made him grow even taller in my eyes.    I have learned when things out of our control happen, there is always a way through to the other side.  The power of prayer, the love of family and friends, having faith each day and pleading for a miracle, brought us most gratefully, to our own Christmas miracle, 2013.  When we set out on a quest,  we never know how our answers will come.