The twelve days of Christmas are upon us now, and it is my
hope that each day is filled with magic, dreams come
true and the feeling of rich abundance in your heart.
Last week I wrote of the guests that come into our lives
at the Christmas season.  Sometimes I wonder when I
write to you, if perhaps, I learn the most.  Two weeks ago my
youngest son suffered a massive injury to his knee while playing
football, and had to undergo quite intensive surgery.
As I worried about him and wondered how he would be
cared for while I was at work each day….two very wonderful
friends of his were there for him during all the hours I could not be. They were
with him the day of his accident and have been with him
through every painful movement, and with great encouragement
over each new victory, ever since. I have had the  privilege of watching
these great young men grow into adulthood ever since they were little
boys. They have securely grasped the meaning of service, kindness and
compassion, and have been a radiant example to our family.
They have graced our Christmas with their goodness, and
we will forever remember their faces and their kind spirits in my son’s apartment
during this time of post surgery and healing.  There has been something Divine
in these days, and our guests, even though dear friends, will always be on our
guest list as we remember their love and kindness this December.
I leave you with a little thought this morning as you prepare your 
gifts this Christmas…..Star
Giving of one’s self is the greatest gift of all….it is a treasure that
leaves an indelible mark in the soul of the receiver.
Until next week, God bless you all.