On 9/11 September 2021 I listened to a one minute video on payitforward9/11.com. It is a way in which we can all help our world as we continually recover from and never forget 9/11. Twenty years ago the events of 9/11 changed us forever. In spite of the darkness we saw and felt for so long, there was always light as we rallied together. That light was the kindness we showed to others all throughout. The first responders who ran into the rubble to rescue and to do all that they could to save lives. Strangers who opened their doors to those in need of shelter, food and clothing. Kindness lifts us up as we help others. I encourage us to remember to do three good deeds next September 11 and ask those recipients to pay it forward. That is how we spread the light of kindness to others throughout the world.

Have a beautiful week!