Somethings in life change us forever and keep us humble to the fragilities of life. Over the weekend, my family and I learned how thin the veil between Heaven and Earth really is, as we saw a glimpse of Heaven.  In our large family, we are dog lovers and each one came into our lives with their own special gifts.  One of my daughters and her husband have a beautiful Golden Retriever….our “Golden Angel”….we call her Haley. For ten years she has taught us lessons about love, grace and dignity. Sadly, just a year ago, she was diagnosed with Stage 4 Lymphoma, and only a very short time to live.  Through the blessings of constant prayer and the excellent, loving care of her family, she showed us all how to keep living. Recently, she became noticeably thinner and was losing her spark. Over the weekend, it seemed like it was her time to leave us all. Through our constant prayers for God’s will, and clarity of her regressing condition, we received a true miracle.  A kind, gentle Hospice Veterinarian  made a house call, and saw Haley’s sweet spirit very much alive. He immediately administered the antibiotics necessary for the infection that had made her so very ill. Within 24 hours her beautiful spirit was on it’s way back to us. While she is still very weak and has a ways to go, we know God is holding her in His loving arms. Through faith and hope in our every prayer to our Heavenly Father, and a loving Veterinarian who brought us clarity that our precious “Golden Angel” was not yet ready to leave on her Heavenly journey, we are so very grateful. What we have witnessed as a family and know for sure, is that prayers full of hope and faith bring miracles.