The seasons of each year bring us their own unique changes, just as the ones that may occur in our own personal lives.  With any type of change, ultimately there is growth if we can see through the maze of uncertainty, the unfamiliar and have unwavering faith.  Sometimes riding out the wave of what seems so rough, can find us on a different shore with new opportunities waiting and new landscapes to explore.  Not too long ago, my best friend gave me the gift of a beautiful plaque that has found a special place in my home.  The wise words scrolled on the plaque are the true gift itself…..Life isn’t about waiting for the Storm to Pass…’s about learning to Dance in the Rain.  What is important to remember is, “the storm” almost always passes.  As we embrace each new day and it’s small joys, we have grown while the change was taking place.   May we all remember to “dance in the rain” when life brings us our own personal storms.