Memorial Day is a day of remembrance for all those men and women who died in active military service. They would never come home. Many years ago my mother compiled a beautiful binder of her brother’s letters from his time as an army pilot until the fateful day he was shot down over the Indian Ocean. It took months to recover his body and it eventually washed up on the shores of a small fishing village in France, where it was identified. Then came the heartbreaking final letter to his family, that Cliff would not be coming home. Ironically, he had written his last letter to his parents and his wife the day he lost his life. He was to have returned to the states soon after the mission he was on. His last words were “See you soon, I love you.” I have read and re-read his letters and each time my heart is filled with pride for his sterling service to our country and the eternal legacy he has left for me and my family. I love you forever Uncle Cliff.

Have a beautiful and reflective Memorial Day.