The first of October every year, I not only embrace the feeling of Fall and it’s vibrant colors, but the shades of pink that remind me of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. For many years I was an active participant in the AVON Breast Cancer Walks to help put an end to this disease. I lost my beautiful mother to this disease many years ago and it will forever be my crusade. The power of PINK was so inspirational on these journeys of hope, love and new friendships in cities all over the United States. And, the opening and closing ceremonies always put a PINK ribbon around the weekend for me! The tenderness and reality of the personal stories shared always touched me deeply, and made me wrap my arms around each day more firmly. One year, one of the speakers a survivor herself, shared some very precious advice. She said, “So much in life is about waiting, whether it is for answers to come in personal areas of our lives, dreams fulfilled or possibly, waiting for a diagnosis.” She continued, “Don’t live your life waiting, live it fully now.” I have never forgotten her words. Life is very fragile.

May God bless you and keep you well and happy and may your days be full of the joy of living life now.

Have a beautiful week!