Many years ago when my family and I moved to Balboa Island, I had no idea how many “simple gifts” were awaiting us! These gifts are true to this very day. It really is a magical and enchanting place to live. As I took my morning walks in those early years, I was greeted by the high pitched “hello’s” from seagulls flying overhead, seals swimming nearby, friendly walkers on the bay front and the delicious aroma of cinnamon rolls baking at the island bakery. These simple gifts helped to inspire and invigorate me for all I was thinking about, while waiting on matters of the heart to reveal themselves. This sweet island was a welcoming beacon to me and my family and where life just happened to bring us. In life, we never know what circumstances will change our surroundings and help us to bloom in places we may never have dreamed. I have experienced that the comfort of familiarity brings peace to the soul whether you are healing or just needing your memorable place.

May you have a beautiful day!