Dear Monday Moments Family,

I have missed you, but I am back now to bring you more “moments” every Monday! This past weekend I spent a lot of time at the beach pondering many things in my heart. It never fails that when I go, the answers, the words and the feelings always come to me. I love to look at the footprints in the wet sand  and wonder what load of worry, disappointment, pain or even great joy each beach walker was carrying on their visit to the shore. Moments of solitude help to calm the mind and the soul from things we can’t fix or control, only pray about. Prayer is the most sincere desire to reach the loving ears of our Heavenly Father when we just don’t know what to do. Some things in life aren’t easy decisions when love is involved. In my personal life when I am facing big decisions I remember my favorite scripture in Psalm 46, “Be still and know that I am God.” When we are, He ultimately brings us the comfort we need and most always the answer to our prayer. Many years ago a single Mom, my prayers were many times pleading and yet they were always answered in the way He knew was going to be best for me or my family. My faith is strong and my testament to prayer is even stronger. Author and phenomenal human being Dr. Maya Angelou, I like to quote often as she expresses in her writing many times what I need to hear. The following is one of my favorites…“I know that when I pray, something wonderful happens. Not just to the person or persons for whom I’m praying, but also something wonderful happens to me. I’m grateful that I’m heard.”  May you have a week full of many solitude moments for Heavenly Father to hear your prayers.

Have a beautiful week and, it feels so good to be back writing to you again!