“Somewhere” can be a very special place when you are taking a road trip, or just a drive for the day to ponder the magic you may find there. For me it was a new city in 1992. It was a new beginning, new friendships, new home, new schools for my children and new jobs for me. And, I found after a time that my senses were awakening due to our new surroundings and that I was grateful for where our “somewhere” was. I learned too that nothing was impossible. It may have seemed that way but through the power of prayer and God’s unfailing love, it wasn’t. Years down this road, I was inspired to write a book for all to read. It was a book of positivity and inspiration based on the hills and valleys I climbed to raise, care for and educate my family of five children. The name of this very special book is MONDAY MOMENTS. As the author, I had found my strength to share with all those who were to read my book, that somewhere can truly be a special place and can give your memories you never thought were possible and many of which were life changing.

Have a beautiful week!