The month of October has been esteemed National Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  Individuals, businesses, charities and sports organizations like the NFL, promote breast cancer awareness by establishing a springboard to raise funds for research, diagnosis, treatment and cure.  Just last week it was time for my annual mammogram.  I am very diligent in obtaining this appointment every year, as sadly, breast cancer has taken the lives of my mother and my aunt.  As I was seated in the waiting room beforehand, I glanced out a large window.  It was late afternoon on a windy Fall day, and my eyes all at once, drank in a beautiful Magnolia tree.  Almost immediately, I thought of the timeless 1989 movie,  Steel Magnolias.  There in that waiting room, the significance of that tree spoke volumes to me as I paralleled the strength of women everywhere.  We are strong, we are brave, we are courageous and we have become resilient to withstand the often times, tumultuous texture of life.  To every woman who may be reading this today, it has been written for you.  Please take good care of yourself…..there is no one else like YOU.