Living at the beach on Balboa Island, I don’t often sit on the sand and just enjoy what encircles me every day. I guess  “life” consumes me too often in other directions! But yesterday was different, it was just beautiful and a breeze that was so inviting in the late afternoon, I could not resist some time on the seawall with Bailey beside me. The water was sparkling like “diamonds” dancing, sailboats were lazily making their way around the bay, families were strolling  with ice cream cones in their hands, and the sun and the breeze met each other at perfection. I watched the American flags blowing on the docks, bigger than life as they wait for our grand celebration on the 4th of July! I realized I was drinking in the sights and smells of summer that make the meaning of tradition very special. Once upon a time I was strolling my babies along this charming boardwalk and now I watch them with their own children. I am grateful for my memories and the new ones I am making, just as you are!

Have a beautiful week!