This season always makes its own beautiful memories but brings to life those memories of years gone by. Sandy beaches with friends and family, long days and cool evening breezes, horseback riding through corn fields in Illinois on my grandparent’s farm, barbecues, the ice cream truck, neighborhood fun and homemade ice cream are cherished memories of my own. The stars on a summer night were always the brightest and when sharing watermelon with a good friend on my front yard, summer always seemed complete. It was as though the Heavens were smiling on us! And yes, the garden hose was the best ice cold water! And, we have all survived!! A favorite quote I believe to be true to this day is “Everything good, everything magical happens between the months of June and August.” (Jenny Han)  May you remember what was magical to you this summer, cherish the good times that made you smile and share with those you love.

Have a beautiful week!