The days of summer have officially begun, and with them comes a great amount of magic!  To each of us they bring their own memories of years gone by, and the hopes of sweet memories to come.  They almost seem, a gift.  The days are longer, the nights have their own private star show in the sky, and the weeks are full of fun times and long awaited vacations with families and friends.  The days spent at the beach, for me, always speak to my heart as I look out at the vastness of the ocean God has created for us. The dark velvet sky, dotted with shining lights, reminds me of God’s ever watchful and loving eyes upon us, guiding us on our way.  The surprises that always seem to come make me smile, as I know of His great love for us and His overwhelming joy in seeing us happy.

Happy Summer and may you enjoy the gifts that are special to you!