As I write to you on this beautiful Monday morning, I am reflecting on the meaningful occasions we celebrate in our lives……..holidays, birthdays, graduations, new babies and so many more.  Most often, it seems, we celebrate around a dining table at home or in a restaurant.  There we enjoy the company of family, friends or both as we have a delicious meal together.  It does not matter the number who are present, but the faces around the table that are so dear to us, and for whom we are very grateful.  Their presence with smiles, laughter and warmth make indelible imprints in our hearts.  I was very aware of that recently when my family and I gathered together, celebrating family birthdays.  Each time we say good-bye I take more precious memories with me.  I wish each one of you cherished times with your loved ones, remembering always, love and happiness shared is the richest part.