The soft ocean breeze on a recent summer evening was billowing our country’s beautiful flag, on a nearby dock. As I paid closer attention, there were many all along the boardwalk on Balboa Island. As the 4th of July draws near perhaps the red, white and blue mean even more to me than usual.  On July 4, 1776 as a nation,we received our greatest gift, when Thomas Jefferson and his committee signed the Declaration of Independence. Such Holy inspiration sat with this author during countless hours of thought and prayer.

It has been written that the way in which we celebrate today with our families near, fireworks, barbecues, parades and picnics is entirely what our forefathers expect of us on July 4 each year! I feel with all of my heart, they are smiling down on us during this time of celebration….and I, myself, look to the Heavens and say Thank You for this beautiful gift of freedom.