Good Morning and a Happy Monday to you all! The warm weather here recently in California has led me to write some thoughts today about the beach, a place I dearly love. As with the inspirational author and mother, Anne Morrow Lindbergh my soul has always soared with the ocean and what it has to teach me. The salty mist on my face and the water at my ankles are a soothing gift when contemplating thoughts, concerns and also my greatest joys. When I am patient, those answers always come to the questions in my heart. Just as we cannot pick up every seashell on the sand, some of our questions may not be answered right away, but may need helpings of grace as we wait. In my personal life I have found this to be so true. Yes, the sea is ever giving to us and when we seek her out she will deliver the gifts we need most.

Wishing you a beautiful week!