I wonder often, on behalf of each of you who receive these weekly thoughts,
how you are and what life is bringing to you.  Always know, I am wishing the best for you.
A few days ago, I witnessed something I wanted to share with you.  I was
driving back to work at lunch time when I stopped, so that a procession
of fire trucks could go by, following the funeral of a fallen firefighter. One of
the trucks that passed in front of me had this printed in beautiful gold script, on it’s side. 

                                “Preserving the BEST…
                                 Protecting the FUTURE.”
These words and that moment have stayed with me.  As each one of us steps out
into “life” every day, these are great words to live by. Take care of the BEST
IN YOU now, and in the future.  The examples you set will be remembered
by those who know and love you, and often, just by someone you haven’t
met yet.