On Friday night, June 9, 2017, the inspirational book I have been writing for one year, came to a close.  That moment was bittersweet because it is a true story that belongs to me. Here is just an excerpt from my last page…”Tonight the fireplace is lit inside an endearing one bedroom cottage on Balboa Island, where my darling four legged angel and I live.  For many years, during some difficult times, I kept hope in my heart that one day I would again return to live on this enchanted island.  I prayed that I would find a charming  cottage and I would write a book telling my story that would help others through the inspiration I learned, around the events that shaped my life for good. That time sweetly came.”

And now, the road to it’s publication begins…stay tuned!!  I have written this book just for you.

Have a beautiful week!