Early Saturday morning, the first day of Autumn, I met her. I will call my new friend, Hope.  The pink tinged early morning sky swept across 2500 Avon Breast Cancer walkers in stunning Santa Barbara, as we attended Opening Ceremonies. I was quickly drawn to Hope’s beautiful spirit and her story about how breast cancer had impacted her life. I was soon to learn it had not been an easy journey and she was still in the midst of fighting this disease at the Walk.  She was not able to walk for many miles, but I loved walking beside her for those she could. As I left her comfortably at the nearest rest spot each morning and continued my journey, I was humbled by her strength, courage and hope for what her future would hold. I was priviliged to see her throughout the Walk and feel of her sweet angelic spirit. As we hugged good-bye today I knew that God had a purpose for our meeting. I was to learn the true meaning of courage and hope.