Many years ago my children and I moved into a home that needed a lot of love!  After the interior was scrubbed, painted and shiny, it was time to pay attention to the front yard.  I put a plan in place and visited a local nursery.  After looking around at many different plants, my eyes were drawn to a small tree that was about to be thrown out.  When I asked about it, I was told that it would never grow or be a pretty tree…….and, “lady, if you want it, the tree is five dollars.”  I gently picked up the little tree, paid the cashier and drove home with a big smile on my face.  In my heart I knew that little tree would grow and be the prettiest tree in the neighborhood!  And, as the years passed, it was and had grown to be the tallest.  In life we can never judge the small things or those things, we think, don’t value our time.  In each of them there is a wonderful lesson to learn. Now, almost twenty years later, as I often drive down that quaint little street and glance at that healthy, beautiful tree, I am reminded of the lesson it taught me.  Sometimes it is the smallest things in life that can make the greatest impact.