Where we sow love and kindness one to another, a dear and precious friendship is in the making.  The golden thread that begins the friendship over time will become a golden bond.  This is a priceless gift bestowed to many,  and it is one to be earned, nurtured and cherished always.  A true friend is a beacon of light from the shore and an anchor in a storm, applaudes when you dance in the rain, a catcher of tears whether happy or sad, and an endless source of happiness and strength in one’s life.  To quote Helen Keller, a master author of many strong and everlasting quotes, she wrote… “I would rather walk with a friend in the dark, than alone in the light.”

What I know without a doubt, is that a genuine friend will hold the lantern so that you can see.  Blessed are we who know these beautiful keepers of our souls.