In the tumultuous days that have turned into weeks we have seen such inhumane regard for human life through the war between Ukraine and Russia. We have seen courage in the face of adversity in its finest form as the Ukrainian people, especially mothers and children left their homeland to go to another country where it was safer. Most said goodbye in train stations to their husbands and fathers, as they stayed behind to defend their beloved country. Each one of these men and women have had to continue to pull through and never give up. As these dear families are fleeing they are met with “helpers” to give them food, hope and housing. I can only think these weary and frightened travelers were drawn to their kind loving faces full of God’s light. In remembrance of Mr. Rogers whose loving mother gave him sage advice. He asked as a little boy what to do if he was away from home and was lost or scared. His mother replied, “Look for the Helpers. You will always find people who are helping.” With all of my heart I pray for these families.