As I send these thoughts each week, I realize the best way to reach each
of you, is by e-mail. At the click of my mouse, my heartfelt message is off and
away and  I always hope you will receive it with the love and care in which it
was written.  I often wish it could be wrapped in paper and posted with a
It seems that the days of letter writing and actually receiving them in our
mailbox, are becoming less and less.  My own memories as I grew up,
were of my mom looking forward to letters from her parents and friends
in the midwest, and the joy I saw on her face, when those letters were
waiting in our mailbox for her.  Over the years technology has changed
much of that.  Where it is quicker to send an e-mail, we are losing the
experience of pen and stationary with the hand written note or letter!   
                   The power of a hand written letter can transcend
                          the miles that separate us from loved ones
                          with the gifts of encouragement, love, laughter, 
                          kindness, sympathy, hope, and pure joy.
                          A letter can be held in the hands of the recipient
                          and read over and over again as we remember
                          the person who sent it to us. ~
The ways in which we choose to communicate are indeed, personal.
From my own experience, and known to be true, a letter has the
power to put a smile on someone’s face and wrap them in the warmth
of sincerity and love.  
My wish for you this week is that you will send or receive a smile
wrapped in words of love.