Just a short week ago, after several months to ponder, give my notice and say many heartfelt good byes, I have retired. After fifty-one years in the medical field, I knew it was time. Time for me and for my family. I feel blessed that my calling was service and compassion to many hundreds of patients over the years. Their gentle footprints will forever be on my heart. I know the empty feeling I am experiencing now, will very soon be filled with a precious new granddaughter, and five other darling grandchildren to love and spend more quality time with. And, not to mention my own amazing children! Now it is time to savor every day the way God is painting it for me. I know He has a lot in store and I am following His lead.

The beautiful flowers in my Instagram post were from my wonderful and loving family just a few days before I said good bye to the gifted team I worked with at Newport Skin Cancer. My heart is full of memories, smiles and laughter. In closing, I would like to share an anonymous quote ~  “The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away.”  And, I feel I have done just that.

Have a beautiful week!

My love to you,