Growing up I was fortunate to live in a neighborhood that was laden with beautiful oak trees.  Their ever present energy and strength were a constant presence as I remember those years in my life.  When the heavy winds came they were resilient and because of their deep, widespread roots they were anchored in place.  Year after year they never changed, even though so many other things around them did.

I just spent a magnificent weekend in Ojai for a work retreat, and there I was again embraced by the greatness and beauty of these majestic trees.  It gave me time to reflect about the unwavering strength it takes to get through life.  Just as the roots grow deep with the oak tree, so must the values, love and courage deep within us. And, their branches ever reaching for the sun they need to sustain life, reminds us that we may reach to the Heavens in gratitude for God’s abiding love each and every day.