Into each of our lives, at different times, come moments we will never forget.  Sometimes, they can be just as little as a few words spoken.  As I have written intermittently throughout the years, I work in a very specialized doctor’s office where various forms of cancer are the focus of our care. We are so blessed to know and treat wonderful patients.  I have learned much from their wisdom and kindness over the years and many of them will forever stay in my heart. One day not too long ago, I was visiting with a fine gentleman who carries in his own heart a beautiful love for his late wife.  He gently volunteered one of the memories he missed most. “Whenever he and his wife went to a restaurant, he recalled, he would always carry her pink sweater just anticipating she might get cold”.  Tears filled his eyes just remembering those times. Selfless love. My dear friend, if you happen to be reading my post today, you are my hero. May we all look for the pink sweater in our lives to embrace those we love, and to create a sweet memory that will help to keep us warm when they are no longer with us.