In these delicate few days before Christmas, I send you
my love and warm wishes.  It is my hope that in each of
your families, there is good health and happiness, and enough
joy to share with everyone you meet. There is nothing that
replaces the joy and kindness we share with others.
A beautiful song that is played often on the radio at this time of
the year, is from the late and beloved, Karen Carpenter.  As I
listen to it often during the week, the words ring true and
strong in my heart.
When she sings….”Christmas present is here today…bringing a joy that
will last…..,”  I am reminded that what we have is now, and we must
cherish it for the real gift it is to each one of us.  My “Moment” to you
today is to~
                                   Hang your shining
                                   star upon the
                                   the highest bough,
                                   with faith, hope 
                                   and love for all good
                                   things to come.