The Story

How Monday Moments Began

Monday Moments was born on a sandy beach on Balboa Island, California on June 7, 2009. On that sunny summer day I happened to be there reading a book, when my youngest son rode his bike over to visit me. During our conversation, his encouragement and enthusiasm for me to continue writing and inspire others sparked a real, sincere interest in me. I always felt the experiences in my life thus far had not been by chance. The insight I had gained was a gift and the opportunity to write and share with others, a great blessing. My thoughts turned to writing a weekly inspirational thought, and quickly it’s name became very clear to me. From my beach chair that very day and with notebook and pen in hand, my heart and mind became one and took flight on an inspirational journey. Along with this was uncompromising love, enthusiasm and encouragement from my family, friends and soon my Monday Moments audience, for whom I will be forever grateful.

At first, I began with more simple thoughts, true to the values and the simplicity of life I believe in. I have always seen the glass as half full, and most of my writings have this inflection. When often times the negatives in the world seem to surround us, I strive to give my reading audience something more tangible to believe in and hope for.

The many thoughts I have written and will continue to write, are written with much love, understanding, compassion, humor, tenderness and devotion to what I believe are thoughts that run as a common thread through all of us. I hope that as you visit this website, it becomes a favorite of yours and you will visit often.

I dedicate this website, the new home of Monday Moments, to my wonderful family, whose love and support is a constant in my life. Each of my children, in their own very special way, have been an inspiration to me in bringing this two year dream to fruition. The second part of this story will be a book that will hold within it’s pages many of my thoughts for a well lived life. It will remain a legacy for my family always.

This is my story and it is just beginning!

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