Good Morning!
On this beautiful summer morning, I am sending you bright thoughts for a
special day.
As I thought about the topic I wanted to write about this week, my heart
was drawn to a waiting room full of patients, patients whom I am personally
privileged to know and care for each week.  These patients have
various forms of skin cancer requiring more intensive
surgery, and have been referred to the surgeon I work for.  As they arrive,
they are most nervous and scared, not knowing how extensive
their surgery will be.  As I have observed, our “waiting room” becomes
a place of hope, patience, and a transformation from
fear to acceptance. 
At different times in our lives, we each experience times in our own
“waiting room.”   While we are engaged in the process of waiting for
any kind of answer, we go through many different stages of emotion.
It is through these times, we learn the true meaning of hope and patience.
Our answers do not always come as we expect, but as they reveal
themselves to us, we are more accepting.  
From my own personal experience I have found that…..

                                                         “Somewhere between the ‘waiting room’
                                                          and my answers, my own personal
                                                          discoveries will be born, and among them
                                                          will be the understanding that God has
                                                          been watching over me.”