Babies and children are the purest picture of God’s love.  I am reminded of this each time I am with my darling grandchildren, and also reflect back to the years my own children were young.  There is something in this time of life that is very magical and yet, very sacred. Our babies come to us on loan from our Heavenly Father to be loved and cared for while in this earthly life. During this time we are able to see the wonder of it all as we watch them develop and mature.  The little boy standing on the shore looking out at the ocean may one day be surfing those waves or making a difference for good around the world. The wonder of life is within each one of us, and it is up to us to keep it alive!  There will be opportunities to help when those we love will lose their wonder and may have lost their way. It is then we must be the gracious gardeners of their souls, that they may discover and feel their awe once again.