As I was strolling my baby granddaughter not long ago in a charming neighborhood, I came upon the sweetest home. It was complete with a white picket fence where beautiful pink roses were climbing and finding their way through the fence. I took a picture to remember how this cozy home had made me feel. As we made our way back home, I thought of the many places my children and I have made home over many years. My favorite place was on Ruby Avenue, Balboa Island. It too was charming, warm and inviting to all who walked through the door and to us as a family of 6 who lived within it’s tiny walls. One thing I will always remember was bedtime! It was as simple as “Good Night, I love you.”  Those loving words spoken at the end of a long working day for me and school and sports for my children, became the house we lived in. They tucked us in at night and “I love you” followed each child out the door to school, and a prayer from my heart to keep them safe until we would see each other again at the end of the day. I personally know that the words we speak with love and warmth not only make a house a home but become the house we live in. I am grateful for those years. Now, I feel it in the homes of my children with their families.

Wishing you a beautiful week!