Warm wishes for a Happy Labor Day weekend to everyone!!  As summer comes to a close, each one of us have our own special memories.  Some are from wonderful vacations, family reunions, parties with friends, fun adventures,  new acquaintances, and the list goes on.  I learned many years ago, the world is full of adventure for each one of us, and we just have to be patient until the time is right, to enjoy and experience it.  Sometimes the waiting is the hardest part of all, but it can also bring the recipient the greatest joy.  I know this to be true….BE PATIENT, and know your prayers will be answered.  God knows the deepest desires of our hearts and wants us to be happy!  Truly, the answers will come, but maybe not on the exact day or time we would like them to.  As with most things in life we want so dearly, when they come to us, they are forever a treasure.