Good Morning dear friends and family! On this Monday morning I felt very inspired to write to you and to tell you how much I miss coming into your lives each week. Since my last post on March 28, 2016, when I announced I would be taking a hiatus from Monday Moments in order to pour my heart into my new book, I have been diligently writing.  I have a wonderful mentor who continually encourages me to write from my heart, which is where Monday Moments began. It is my prayer that this book, at it’s completion, may impact each one of you in some way, your loved ones, or new friends I haven’t met yet.

I want to leave you with some beautiful wisdom on this brand new day. It’s theme is like a fine thread which is woven throughout my book.  The words are taken from a sermon at Duke University in 2008, by Reverend Sam Wells. “Living life with both hands takes time…because what you receive with both hands takes longer to assimilate than when you grab with one.  Above all, living with two hands takes gentleness…because treasuring moments, people, or places with both hands, rather than grabbing them with one, means cherishing them, tenderly noticing their details, carefully attending to the differences from you, but rejoicing in your presence with them.”

Good bye for now dear ones and may we remember to cherish one another.

My love,