A beautiful good morning to you~

I hope you enjoyed a wonderful weekend…these lovely days make you feel that Fall is very near. 
Santa Barbara and Carpentaria, California filled my weekend with
so much joy as I participated in the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer.
Driving home late last night, I thought of today’s “Moment” and
what I wanted to share with each of you.  Now, as I write this morning 
my heart and my mind are in a state of oneness with all I have
experienced from this life changing event.  While months of
training helped to prepare my body for the many miles of walking,
my heart and soul received the real gifts.
For two days, I had the blessing and the great privilege to truly
walk as one with thousands of women and men from all over the
United States, in our hope and quest to end this disease.
The days were gorgeous there, the energy high, and the strong 
spirit of hope circled us with every step.

As I got into bed last night and closed my eyes and opened them
on this beautiful new day, I saw the same vision. I saw the
faces of hope and love of the many I walked beside who are fighting
this disease one day at a time. I witnessed determination, grace and pure  
gratitude for life in each mile we walked together. 
These are the gifts I have taken home with me and I will remember
and cherish forever.
As today begins fresh for you, I want you to know that nothing is impossible.
With every challenge there is growth, with every prayer there is an
answer, with every step you are closer to your destination, after the storm
you will always see the rainbow, and with hope….never ending, there is