Usually, a hot and windy day in Southern California leads to a beautifully silhouetted sky at dusk, as it was this evening. Dusk passes quickly into darkness. I believe we are more vulnerable when night time comes and often when we are worried or have concerns, they can loom even larger. Or, when we are excited and happy about something, the next day can’t arrive soon enough!  In the midst of my writing, I heard the church bells clearly from next door on our charming Balboa Island…”Let There Be Peace On Earth.”  Wasn’t it the end of January? I realized we were being reminded that we need this all year long, and not just at Christmas time. The message from these delicate bells was intended for me to share with you…”and let it begin with me.” Whatever we have to share with another, whether it be solace or joy, let’s remember the church bells on this windy Sunday night.

Blessings to you and wishing you a beautiful week!