Chapter 41 of my new book MONDAY MOMENTS, is entitled “Wish Big!”  I will share just a few excerpts of what I have learned. As I live my life each day I have dreams as we all do, and try my best to follow them. I begin my day with the sincere intention of finding exceptional moments wherever I may be. However that moment is presented to me, I know it was meant for me to act on. I know this for sure…it is important to receive the answer in gratitude and find “new lenses” to see things differently. This lesson has brought me to many beautiful surprises that I would have never known to wish for. When my first grandchild was almost two I asked him what a wish was, one night as we were sitting under the stars. He thought for a moment and then said, “A wish is a smile on your heart.”  I believe that to be true because when we are wishing for something we really want to come true, we are hopeful and that always brings a smile. May you find your own remarkable discoveries for wishing big!

Have a beautiful week!