In these uncertain times so many things are different.  Life changed overnight beginning last March. Day by day, month after month we have had to adapt to a new way of living our lives. At the same time it has all been woven with fear of contracting the dreadful virus, Covid 19. This daily threat and concern is hard on the human spirit as no one wants to die or lose their loved ones, as so many have. On a personal note, I am so very grateful that my family and I have been well. We have strived daily to follow the rules in this pandemic and we have been blessed. We never take a day for granted. Many years ago during some tumultuous times, a wise friend and therapist promised me I would always have a wellspring of courage and strength to draw from during times when I would need them most. To this day her promise has never failed me. During this pandemic and other uncertainties you may encounter in your own lifetime, your reserve of bravery and strength is waiting for you too. Remember…”You are strong and you are brave.”  May God bless you.

Have a beautiful week!