This is what I know for sure. The things that are meant for us, will never leave us. When we recognize our talents and share them with others we are giving a gift of ourselves. And that then, becomes the purpose of life. I have learned this wisdom personally when I knew I wanted to share my voice in writing an inspirational book. After my book was published and was selling in stores, was when the reality really hit home. I followed my heart as I realized all along my love of writing had a purpose. My book, MONDAY MOMENTS was born in the Spring of 2018. Since that day, this sweet gem has made its way into many a home throughout the country and in Canada, has sold in boutique stores and bookstores, has brought comfort to cancer patients, and it has been a gift to many families and friends. When my book was launched, I prayed it would have its own journey to help others. It sweetly has and for that I will always be grateful.

Have a beautiful week!