After a relaxing weekend and a break from the stresses of work, I sometimes get the “Sunday Scaries”. I love my job but I love being home and with my family, too. I wonder if some of you may have these same feelings. This weekend I went for a long walk at a local beach and happened to find a sign which I believe was just meant for me to see! It read : BREATHE…ALL WE HAVE IS NOW…RELAX…UR OK.  I am going to take this good advice and I hope it may help any one of you who struggle with these same feelings. You are more than okay! God has given each one of us our own unique gifts, talents, passions, perseverance, strengths and a generous helping of personality to help us grow and be who we were meant to be. So, as this new week begins, try to remember the words, “You’re okay!”

Have a beautiful week!